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Thank you for stopping by at RADDMUSIC.COM! My first independent release in September 2012 was a success. The 1st dollar of every order was donated to good works for the poor and I was able to pay back most of the expenses for the project. Thank you all for your support of my music! We had such a great time at the album release party. Thanks to MidCity Cafe for hosting. And to everyone for bringing blankets for the homeless!

That album took me a year to make and about half a year in post-production. And the special thing about this album is that I couldn't play the piano 2 years before making it. I took maybe 5-8 piano lessons...didn't really retain anything except my scales (which was a big help!). But one night I prayed to God and asked Him to teach me how to play the piano. I told Him I would glorify Him of course. And one day I just started...playing. Really well. It was literally out of nowhere. So I give all glory to my Father God. I'm so thankful for His son Jesus Christ who changed my life! And it is my prayer He changes yours to. Please email me anytime: or call me: 305-505-8678 or Kakao Talk user ID: bkihei ANYTIME you want to talk about Jesus. I'm telling you the truth. Nothing else matters except knowing Him. I've had addictions broken, depression obliterated. I mean some really amazing things in my life has happened. I love to share it, so ANYTIME. CALL.

The album is titled REACH OUT, because that's what I encourage everyone to do. You haven't spoken to a friend/family memeber in a long time? REACH OUT. See someone who is asking for money or in need of shelter? REACH OUT. When you need to be saved, you have to REACH OUT. If you're going to hold someone's hand you need to REACH OUT. Get the picture? This album has no vocal distractions or any false doctrines. It's just pure GOD CREATED sine waves mixing together beautifully to give you room to think quietly about someone you may need to REACH OUT to. Be a creator! Not a destroyer!

With this album, I hope that you'll do house work to it. Study to it. Work on websites to it. Work on business proposals to it. Work in Photoshop to it. Go on a late night drive on the highway with the windows down listening to it. Basically, I really want the listener to see themselves in this piece of work. There was a lot of attention to detail and sound design, and I hope you receive my first project well.

Because the LORD gave me this album, and most of the expenses paid, the album is now available for free mp3 download here.

If you'd like a physical CD copy with artwork, I have HQ hard copys available, they are just $10. And it will be mailed to you. Please order today and don't forget to include your shipping address.

Also, as always, the first dollar from the sale of every CD will go to good works serving the poor. Khari and Bryan will be paid. Then to paying for the CD printing, mixing, and webhosting.

Thanks! And Aloha!